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Customers outside of Illinois are responsible for paying any taxes owed to the State, County, Parish or Municipality in which they reside. Save that lift by using one of these to efficiently replace the old tank by mounting it next to the wall and piping to the oil valve to save a large underground installation bill.Replace your tank float if you were using your lift while low on oil causing the float to clang against the bottom opening of the tank.When a vehicle is on it the same thing happens, but when you raise the lift all the way, the flange on the bottom calling 630-678-9010 between 9AM & 4PM (Central-Time) Mon - Fri.If you happen to get the "phone lines are busy message" please leave your phone number, as well as a detailed message and we'll call you back with the information you requested ASAP.The first step in dating 19th century photographs is identifying which technology was used to create the picture.This is straightforward detective work for most images, but very early photographs can be misleading.These seal kits are installed without removal of the 8-bolt steel gland, just by turning the piston 90 deg.The piston drops down far enough to pull the seal and replace it.

If the piston "wobbles" or has any "side to side" movement, that means the top bearing is worn inside the hydraulic cylinder and a small gap is being created between the piston and When a vehicle is on it the same wobbling happens, but when you raise the lift all the way, the flange on the bottom of the piston seats against the inner top of the cylinder and holds the piston steady preventing the movement that allows oil to leak past.

This bearing/seal replacement kit for Rotary 6-bolt Gland Rings adds a new upper bearing to your lifts hydraulic cylinder effectively limiting the extra play from old worn cylinder bearings.

The kit also includes a new seal style, converting the cylinder from the old style seal that had a Kit comes with seal and installation instructions.

There is no 1-1/4 inch oil pipe leading to the cylinder, instead it simply has the 1/2-inch air pipe going to it.

The 1/2-inch air pipe that enters the bottom of the hydraulic cylinder goes straight up through the oil inside, almost reaching the top of the cylinder.

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