College educated women dating uneducated men

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In an analysis of voters by education in states where exit or entrance polling is available, nearly half of those with high school diplomas or less schooling said they supported the billionaire. I love the poorly educated,” the Republican presidential front-runner boasted after coasting to a decisive victory in the state’s caucuses. Trump overwhelmingly leads his rivals for support among the less educated, and draws more modest backing from college graduates and those with postgraduate study, according to exit polls conducted for the Associated Press and television networks by Edison Research.If a woman wants to get a college education, she should have that option. The point of this article is to highlight the fact that, according to statistical data from sites like Wikipedia, college-educated women are more likely to initiate divorce than non-educated women.I am a big fan of smart chicks helping to improve the world, but the statistics do show that brainy women who can earn a good living tend to be trigger happy when it comes to divorce.Trump’s state-by-state performance wasn’t nearly as strong among those with some college or an associate’s degree.

Women are usually attracted to a man based on his ability to protect her and help her survive, so if that is lacking in addition to a problematic relationship, she will be out the door in no time.Cramer calls it the “politics of resentment,” when a candidate taps into the economic stress and gives people something concrete to blame.“Trump is able to direct people’s profound uneasiness with their situation in life at a target” – the government, trade policies, or a group of people.WASHINGTON — It was in Nevada, just about month ago, when Donald Trump proclaimed his affection for the uneducated. What is it about Trump that he attracts such a strong showing among those who haven’t graduated from college? Just over 40 percent of those with some college study favored him. Ted Cruz captured the next best showing among the two groups, with 27 and 28 percent, respectively.

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