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Some you’ve inherited, some you’ve simply bought—hook, line, and sinker—and some you’ve made up yourself. ) And if you’re a single Christian you definitely should.They have translated into bad action (or no action) in dating and relationships. I thought I'd be fulfilling some kind of rockin' calling with a hopelessly devoted, incredibly hot, and financially secure husband who happened to be ridiculously godly... One quote really stuck out in my mind, so I’m going to end my review by quoting Lisa: “It may not be the story you expected, but God never drops the ball. Wait for your story to unfold, and do your part in crafting it.” You don't have to be single to benefit from this book.But it’s not too late; you can break the cycle of dating dysfunction and learn to honor marriage, marry well, and live intentionally while you wait. The Dating Manifesto is neither a cheesy formula for finding a spouse nor a feel-good book about how the person for you is “out there” if you only “believe.”Instead, it’s a challenge to wise up, own your junk, and chart a bold new course for your relationship future. It is a solid God-honoring approach to singleness that would benefit anyone reading. And if you’ve never met Lisa, reading this book will make you feel like you have!Get Text Appeal You’ve got that initial attention, now it’s time for your personality to shine.Craft a unique, attention grabbing profile that leaves them wanting to know more. I bought Lisa Anderson’s book “The Dating Manifesto” at the Pursuit conference last month after hearing her talk about it at the conference the previous year and on The Boundless Show. It was such an encouraging read, like talking with a wise friend over a cup of coffee.

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