Denmark dating culture

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The discovery of the wooden plank is the first of its kind to be found in the river valley, so it’s good news in more ways than one.“For me, the most exciting thing is that we have seemingly discovered the wet deposits [in the ground], which we’ve been searching for.So in other words, now we know which area belongs to the time period of the castle.For the first time, archaeologists have unearthed Viking Age objects from the river valley around Borgring, a Viking fortress in Denmark.They now know where to look to find more of the same.Also recommended is combining one of the Scandinavia tours with a short break to Iceland.Explore two of the Scandinavian capitals, Copenhagen and Oslo.

The discovery sheds new light on how the Vikings lived and how society functioned at the time.Enjoy an overnight cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo, including the beautiful Oslo Fjord.This short break is the ideal extension for tours starting or ending in Copenhagen.With the help of so-called stratigraphy of the soil layers, which provides a time line of archaeological events, archaeologists can say with a high degree of certainty that the wood belongs to the fortress, says Holm.“Now we get nerdy over the really fine, thin soil layers, but we can see that it is a piece of wood, which was last used and discarded in 966 CE at the earliest, and we’re sure that it correlates with the fortress,” she says.The very precise dating was only possible because the plank was made of oak and was especially well-preserved in the water-logged soil.

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