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Unfortunately, the snake's owner has a history of losing venomous reptiles. Town workers in North Carolina open up the electrical box of a house set to be demolished and found a snake that was electrocuted after trying to bite another snake that had been electrocuted. Just two weeks into Florida's annual Python Challenge, which tasks hunters with tracking down Burmese pythons, 82 snakes have already been captured.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers caught that snake. Even phone calls are very difficult because I’m medicated.She tried to brush it off and keep going, she told the paper, but felt such a sharp pain she dropped her cellphone and her wallet.“I had my fingers under my foot and that’s when I felt something moving,” Myrick, a real-estate agent, told the newspaper.Myrick had been bitten twice on her toes and once on the side of her foot by a roughly 8-inch-long copperhead.that doctors had said that it will probably take her at least three months to recover. Meanwhile, she’s using crutches to avoid putting pressure on her foot.“It’s painful just to ride in the car,” she told the paper.

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