Gorillaz 2d noodle dating

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" Russel continued to yell, before Noodle interrupted."It's not his fault! It wasn't the normal kind; it was something she'd never felt before. Russel and Murdoc had yelled at 2D for years, multiple times a day. Seeing 2D flinch back, looking helpless and scared, filled Noodle with this strange feeling.

" Her heart rate accelerated, her face heated up, and she felt this…protection over 2D. Maybe it's…well, you know…her 'time'." 2D looked at him quizzically. " Russel shifted his weight from one foot to the other, obviously uncomfortable. Y'know, her time of the month."2D's brain slowly began to understand, and his eyes widened.

"Morning 2D", she giggled and gave him a quick peck on the nose.2D responded with a return peck of his own. A female voice cleared her throat politely which caused the two musicians to jump out of Noodle's bed from their close positions, a girl about a little older than Noodle leaned against the open doorway with a sly look underneath her black fedora while she crossed her arms casually over her thin black leather jacket."Am I interrupting anything?

" she asked with smugness while her dark long braid dangling to her shoulder showed of the pink feather tied to the bottom.

"'ave either of you though' 'bout, oh, y'know, goin' up an' talkin' ta' 'er? 2D half-ran to the lift, and bounced impatiently on the balls of his feet while he waited for it to reach Noodle's floor.

Noodle smiled through the lip lock and wrapped her arms around his neck and slowly broke the kiss to nuzzle his forehead gently.

She ran inta' Russ, he yelled at me, then Noodle yelled at 'im.

"She hit me wit' a pillow, got up, an' I threw it back at 'er.

"Cause I can always come back"."No, you weren't", 2D assured her standing up and tidying himself up from their morning greeting with a creeping blush on his cheeks.

Noodle bowed her head hiding her embarrassment as well.

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