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Hotel Surplus Outlet's Van Nuys, California warehouse is open seven days and week to the public, and we have an ever-changing group of new furniture arrivals every week.We continue to grow by seeking an even broader range of furniture buying opportunities, including manufacturer's surplus deals, overstock furniture buys, customer returns, and promotional items.Our unique operation has also garnered much attention in the national media over the years, and Hotel Surplus Outlet has been repeatedly featured on HGTV and other home improvement media outlets.Hotel Surplus Outlet and its parent company, The Fenning Group, LLC.Hotel Surplus Outlet liquidates the best in hotel furnishings from some of the nation's finest properties, along with offering a growing range of deals and bargains on brand new furniture.As hotel liquidators we work closely with our clients to help them realize maximum recovery from their hotel furniture assets.

The probate process transfers the legal responsibility for payment of taxes, care and custody of dependent family members, liquidation of debts, and transfer of property title to heirs from the deceased to an executor or executrix if the deceased had made a will, to an administrator or administratrix if the deceased had not made a will, or to a guardian or conservator if the deceased had heirs under the age of twenty-one or if heirs were incompetent due to disease or disability.These records were generally known as an estate file or probate packet.These files included all documents related to estate settlement, including settlement papers, inventories, receipts, wills, and other records pertaining to the estates, including accounts, administrations, appraisals, minutes, bonds, petitions, guardianships, inventories and settlements.If you want to stay on top of new arrivals and sale events at Hotel Surplus Outlet please add your name to our email list by signing up where you see EMAIL OFFERS on the bottom of this page.The collection consists of estate files located in the Knox County Probate Record Office in Rockland, Maine for the years 1861-1915.

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