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The programme has now emerged as a major lifeline, in terms of revenue, for AIR.The challenge before the broadcaster now is to ensure the programme retains its ‘pull’ factor and continues to draw new audiences, if it wants to retain advertiser interest.Prior to the initial broadcast, the programme was well publicised through official channels as well as social media, and in the backdrop of the Prime Minister riding an unprecedented wave of popularity that was sweeping the country at the time, the response to ‘Mann Ki Baat’ was tremendous.People from all walks of life and from all parts of the country tuned in to listen to someone who inspired hope for building a new India.

Today, AIR’s overseas service is broadcast in over 27 languages to over 108 countries and is one of the largest radio broadcasters in the world.With this, AIR became the favoured medium to launch the Prime Minister’s personal outreach program called ‘Mann Ki Baat’.Ever since the first broadcast on 3 October 2014, Mann Ki Baat has drawn an audience from a wide social spectrum, covering tribals, farmers, traders, housewives, and young listeners from rural to urban areas, including metros like Mumbai and Delhi.It was his initiative to use All India Radio (AIR), India’s leading state-run Public Broadcaster, to create a programme to reach out effectively to a large audience, especially those with little or no access to print or electronic media.And AIR was the best medium with the longest reach to effectively broadcast his message to an eager audience.

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