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Earlier that weekend, Miller surprised the Billboard Hot 100 Fest crowd by jumping on stage during Grande's set for a quick duet. Obviously, that [kiss] made everyone talk," he told .

Speculation that Grande and Miller were a couple date all the way back to 2013 after Miller appeared in Grande's video for "The Way." At the time, Miller downplayed their chemistry and insisted that the two were strictly platonic. The pair connected once again when Grande recruited Miller to remix her recent single, "Into You." The new version proved to be a hyper-seductive new take on the already sultry single with Miller showing his romantic side in his added verse as he raps about texting a girl when he first wakes up and the potential they have together.

I wouldn't exactly call it tacky, but it does give the otherwise classy bottle a juvenile edge.

Best celebrity gourmand in my opinion after Britney Spear's Fantasy was ruined from the most current reformulation This perfume is perfect for school, work, etc. I particularly like it for cold days, just seems like the kind of thing you'd wear cuddled up in a fluffy white blanket with mittens on, on the porch with a cup of cocoa while watching the sunset.

Silage: 0/5 stars - On me, this fragrance had no projection, not even after initial application. Grande, I can tolerate some of her music and I was intrigued to try her debut fragrance.

Sweet scents aren't exactly my proverbial cup of tea, but I'm always willing to give them a chance.

Some have familiar faces, like Tinkerbell, some have funky patterns and floral motifs and some even move!

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