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Print out the picture and write the name of your psychological abuser at the top of the page.

Sit back and reflect on the fact that this relationship only follows this pattern of an ever-changing, twisting, environment.

Being in a relationship with a toxic person is a lot like being on a rollercoaster.

There are wonderful, exhilarating highs, and then scary, sudden drops where you lose your breath and wait in anticipation for the highs to return. Being an unwilling participant of an emotional rollercoaster is not fun.

Borja Valero is the sort of midfield general Inter have lacked, from a tactical point of view, since Esteban Cambiasso left.

Rivalling Matuidi for steal of the window, his arrival still doesn’t change the impression that the manager Luciano Spalletti is Inter’s best signing.

It’s unlikely, though, that Atalanta will finish within it again and take advantage of Serie A regaining a fourth Champions League spot this season.

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Their approach is the exact opposite to Milan; contention via consolidation.

Recovery from any form of abuse can be a difficult journey.

This is especially true when the mistreatment doesn't leave any physical evidence of harm.

You have no idea when the relationship will, without warning, turn sour again.

Everything in you aches when the abuser shifts moods and you go from being connected to the other person, to intense drops that take your breath away.

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