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What could have been nothing more than a clever way of bypassing budget problems shone in a clever, taut little horror movie, and the surprise hit of 2015.

The Daily Scam is very sad to report a scam that seems to be targeting men on social media like Facebook, but then progressing to the use of Skype for video chatting. She manipulates the victim to include video of his face during their video exchange. Read this post by a Reddit user who was scammed this way and then blackmailed not to post the video of him captured by the scammer… They had one friend in common, and were saying they were in my same industry.Whether it's on campus or off campus, your appointment can be carried out by any of the following options making it more convenient and accessible to you: Face-to-face - either by dropping in for a general chat about your queries, or booking an appointment to talk about something specific i.e career guidance, a CV, mock interview, etc. All our appointments mentioned below can be conducted remotely via telephone or Skype.After booking your appointment, you will receive an email confirmation that will include a link to a variety of preparation materials.I do not believe I would have been as readily received by my company if it were not for the fantastic CV I received helped to create." Callum Taylor, Product Analyst at REPL Digital (Graduated in 2016 with BA Human Geography) All of our services are here to support you.We will ensure our services are accessible and inclusive for all students irrespective of sex, pregnancy and maternity, gender, gender reassignment, disability, race, ethnic or national origin, age, sexual orientation, soci-economic background, religion and belief, political beliefs, family circumstances including marriage and civil partnership and trade union membership. Read our terms and conditions for more information about being entered into our free prize draw.

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