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------------------------------------------------- Hmmm, strange things afoot at The Rising Sun, apparently it has not closed and none of the staff seem aware of any closure - but we also have it on good authority that two bands have been told their gigs have been cancelled due to imminent closure.

If anyone can shine any light on these curious goings-on we will be most grateful....

But Dave from High Howden Social Club has pointed out that it is sometimes beneficial for punters to arrive early, as sometimes their 'headline' gig nights fill up fast.

So, take note of the start times, but if you really want to make sure you are there in good time for your fave band then yes, by all means, get there early.

Well, Sarah from the Centre has been thinking the same thing and if the punters turn up in their droves, and drink lots (drink aware now!

), the Centre may just be able to afford a massive black backdrop.

This is a annual Charity event (budget is max 250 or less if ur feeling generous!!!

Again, tickets are available either directly from the Centre (absolutely no booking fee), or at (which will include a 50p booking fee).

has been sent some pics of the Hells Bells night and it looks like a nice big hall you can get your gear up to 11 in.

Even (going by the door behind stage) looks like you have your own dressing room.

You may also be thinking the same as us - shame about the non-black background!

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